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oh sweet jesus...

Oh my lord, watching Simon and Elias interact on Quantico is one of the most painful things. Ever.

- kathey

p.s. And if you add in the fact that Elias is played by Rick Cosnett, I mean, jesus.


WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!




So I've started watching The Flash...

And by started, I mean I'm on the last episode of season one. I'm kind of putting it off because if I have to watch Eddie die, a part of me just might die a little. I mean I adore everyone on the show - well just about, except for the obvious ones - and I cannot deal with Eddie dying. Nope. No.

But the point is that I'm watching the show and I love it and as soon as I finish season one I'm going to go crazy reblogging stuff. I mean, I've managed to hold out these past few days because usually I start to reblog stuff as soon as I start a new show. I'm kind of amazed by my restraint with this one.

And I came to a conclusion, pretty early on in the show: Eddie is somehow a Novak. Yep. You can't try and convince me otherwise. I mean, the first time I heard him talk I was shocked. It was like somehow took Jimmy's voice and combined it with season four Castiel's voice and threw in just a bit of Misha for the hell out it. And I mean come on, look at him!!! During certain scenes and camera angles he seriously looked like Jimmy, it was freaky! So yeah, Eddie is somehow part of the Novak bloodline and that is that people. I cannot be the only one who noticed this right? I mean, I'm not crazy right?

That's all I really wanted to rant about. The whole Eddie and Novak similarities thing has been bugging me and I needed to get it out.

Now I'm off to watch Eddie die... wish me luck and hope I don't cry too hard.

- kathey
I found a grey hair today. After a month and a half of watching the most stressful show I have ever watched in my entire life, I have grey hair.

I knew it.

- kathey
*softly* oh my dear sweet lord. i had forgotten how small gracie is in the first season. i mean she is just a little munchkin. i want to wrap her up in my arms and hug her forever she's so cute and adorable. i'm on episode three, the football game shooting one and jesus christ she is just the cutest.

- kathey
So I just finished rewatching episode one and it was... pretty damn great. I laughed at all the same scenes, cringed at all the cringe-worthy ones and worried like a mother hen.

And I was also stressed. Like really stressed. Like the kind of stressed someone is during a disaster or accident. I somehow forgot, when I was deciding it'd be a good idea to binge rewatch, just how stressed I get watching h50, just how not good for my blood pressure it is.

I mean during those last seven minutes I was a mess. I was jumping out of my skin every few seconds.

This show is going to be the reason I get grey hair by 21.

- kathey

scratch that 'nothing haneous' thing...

I had somehow completely forgotten how Sang Min came into play. My mind somehow blanked out on the fact that he was into human trafficking and prostitution.

So much for not having done anything too haneous.

- kathey

my solution to my previous post..

So, I've decided to solve my little Hawaii Five-0 problem by rewatching the entire show. Right after finishing it.

I usually wait a little bit, a few months before binge rewatching a show (then again I've binge rewatched Grey's, Charmed, PArks and Rec, Scrubs, all at least five times each). But for some reason my brain does not want to wait, it wants 5-0 and it wants it now.

I make bad life choices. Obviously.

- kathey

i don't know what to do with my life now

i have officially caught up with hawaii five-0.

... i don't know what do to with myself. yesterday i went to bed around nine because i had nothing else to do.

damn it, i need to find a new show. or i'll just binge rewatch grey's for the sixth time this year. probably that, yeah.

- kathey

i have seen it all, thanks hawaii five-0

so steve just walked into the office with a baby-bjorn and i'm feeling pretty good about life right now. yep.

- kathey

p.s. this episode is too good.

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